About Ian Bagley

Ian Bagley grew up in Lancashire where he went to Rainford High School and the University of East Anglia. At East Angilia he studied American Literature and History under the guidance of Malcolm Bradbury and Professor Harry Allen. He also took courses in post-Modernism, Colonial American Literature, the American Civil War and Westward Expansionism in addition to the Indigenous People of America.

Ian Bagley would later move to the City of Liverpool College (University of Lancaster) to study Literature Life and Thought focusing on Shakespeare and 1930’s Literature before doing post-graduate studies at Crewe and Alsager College.

Ian then moved to the United States, where he was the Director of Team Sports at the Westport YMCA Outdoor Center, Camp Mahackeno, in Westport Connecticut. His day-to-day responsibilities including sporting content including soccer, softball, basketball, kick-ball and tag-football. Back in 1984, Ian bagley was employee of the year. He worked for a short while in St.Cloud Minnesota at a restaurant on the Mississippi and a country radio station. Ian traveled the east coast of the United States from Portland, Maine to Key West in the South and the American Virgin Islands. He considers Charleston, South Carolina as one of the most interesting points of his journey due to its connections with the American Civil War.

Ian Bagley has worked largely in Youth Theatre directing a number of productions including the Australian Maverick Musicals Robin The Hood, Sheerluck Holmes and The Three Musketeers. He has also directed many productions commissioned by the National Theatre in London as part of the Connections program, including Constance Conlan’s Moontel Six, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s re-working of Shakespeare’s As You Like It Arden City, Ali Smith’s Just and Ben Power’s The Things She Sees taking them to a variety of regional theatres including the Kendal Brewery Arts Centre and Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake. In 1984 Ian Bagley was invited to take his production of Judith Johnson’s Scary Play to the National Theatre’s Olivier stage to be performed as part of the program’s showcase where the cast were presented with their prize by Alan Rickman. Ian has participated in a variety of National Theatre workshops throughout the United Kingdom including ensemble work with Max Stafford-Clark.

Ian Bagley enjoys all aspects of the arts specifically literature, drama, architecture, film, opera and visiting art galleries in addition to traveling and experiencing foreign cultures. He enjoys painting, cooking and playing the drums. He has been a season ticket holder at Liverpool Football Club since 1985 and enjoys watching baseball when in America – specifically the New York Mets.


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